What Does Cuckold Mean

Many people who are looking for some transgression in their emotional and sexual spheres come across the term cuckold and ... do not know what it means, and what lies behind this term and sometimes not even how to become cuckold.

Precisely for this reason we have tried to run to the remedies, providing you with a comprehensive insight into what cuckold means, what is its psychology and what are the moves you have to do to be able to enter this world so full of nuances and strong emotions!

Meaning and psychology of cuckold

Let's start with a small introduction: when we talk about cuckold we talk about the possibility that the couple (cuck couple, or cuckold couple) is "expanded" to a third participant, male, generally called bull, or bull.

It is not a real triangle actively participated. In cuck couple, in fact, the man simply watches the betrayal shared between his partner and the third, taking pleasure from seeing his woman join with another man.

Hence, some interesting deductions on what is the psychology of the cuckold, that generates pleasure for all parties involved in this action.

The cuckold man, which is hastily called "cuckold" in some USA cuckold sites, draws pleasure from seeing his woman desired by others, so as to join in a sexual relationship.

The woman can instead derive pleasure from feeling longed for by another man, and from manifesting the betrayal right in front of the eyes of their partner "main".

For the bull the pleasure comes from being involved in a traditionally conjugal relationship, breaking into it with the possibility of mating with the woman of the cuckold.

In short, a three-way relationship that is based on a rather complex psychology, which allows all parties, after proper sharing of roles, to take the right and deserved pleasure.

How it works?

So far, a brief overview of this phenomenon so widespread in Italy, favored - obviously - by the spread of the Internet and, as we will see in a few lines, the possibility of being able to find couples cuck o partners cuck in a simple, fast and secure way through the most popular communities, forums USA e cuckold sites.

That said, the operation of the cuckold provides that the subject who plays the role of the cuckold in the couple is the passive subject of this triangle, who takes pleasure in seeing his company enter into intimacy with another person.

However, the term "passive" is not entirely correct. It is the cuckold, in fact, who sets the limits of the relationship between his partner and the bull, by regulating the ways in which the third participant can approach his own partner.

Evidently, the purpose of the man who sees with his own eyes the betrayal of the woman with another individual is to find pleasure from a kind of "humiliation" that she can feel with this act. Sometimes, however, is to find a different pleasure, involving in this "triangle" a friend or a male accomplice that you want to involve in this transgressive behavior.

The motivations that underlie the use of cuckold practices can, however, be very numerous.

Think of those couples who are experiencing a drop of desire, and who wish to reinvigorate it through this experience: the man could in fact see his partner in a different light, more sensual and desirable, while the woman could reinvigorate her gratification by the idea of seeing herself desired by more people.

How to convince your wife?

That said, for many men, the main obstacle is trying to share with their partner this openness to cuckoldism. Some men who would like to try this experience are in fact rather intimidated in trying to understand if their woman is or is not in favor of this kind of relationship, and fear to feel a clear rejection or, even worse, that this proposal can undermine the foundations of their union.

We begin, however, by recalling that very often couples who approach the cuckold do so because they have already experienced some "crack".

In other words, most of the cuck couples who approach the cuckoldism do so because perhaps they are experiencing a decline in desire, and think that resorting to a similar form of transgression may be a good opportunity to rekindle that spark long since extinguished.

In other cases, however, discovering how to become a cuckold can certainly be a way to take a step forward in the discovery of sexual pleasure, affecting one's psychological sphere in the ways that we have partially anticipated above.

Having said that, if the impulse to experience the cuckold comes from the man, with the partner who instead has not taken an active part in proposing this kind of approach, it may be appropriate to approach this issue with the right sensitivity.

For example, the man who would like to explore the concrete opportunities to become cuckold could ask his woman if she has ever thought of cheating on him, or if she has ever thought, during the sexual act, to do it with another man.

Depending on the level of intimacy of the couple could also assume to watch together cuckold sites or videos depicting the cuck scenes. As a rule, with these intermediate steps you will easily realize whether or not there is fertile ground, or not, for the next steps.

What are the differences between swingers and cuckolds

Let's conclude this study with a brief reminder of what are the differences between swingers and cuckold, evaluated that for many people the two terms are - erroneously - synonymous.

At this point, in truth, the difference between the two transgressive approaches should however be quite clear, given that in the cuckold the husband remains an extraneous part of the sexual act, while among swingers there is a mutual substitution of partners.

The knowledge of the difference between the two terms will avoid some misunderstanding when you approach the respective worlds. Keep this in mind!