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This is a form of feedback from the administration of the mistaUA site, questions, complaints and suggestions exclusively related to the work and activities of the Redhead-Dating site are accepted for consideration.

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Letters That Are Not Subject To Consideration:

1. Requests for transactions that are provided by the functionality of the site, and which can be performed independently by an authorized user. For example - editing and deleting any content (ads, dating profiles ...) that you have posted; delete your account; restore access to the account in case of email loss; creation and placement of new private content; etc.

2. Issues concerning the operation and functioning of any institutions, enterprises and other structures, both state and private property.

3. Please call back on the phone number. Communication is carried out exclusively by correspondence, if you want to receive a reply, specify a valid email.

4. Emails that need further clarification from the administration, such as "Help.", "Contact me.", "I want to complain about the ad \ user." etc. In the letter, fully cover your question, provide links to the pages or profiles of users referred to in your application.

5. Explain the reason for deleting or assigning content to another category or section.

6. Providing information about the location or contacts of people. The site administration does not have information about the place of residence or telephone numbers of a person, and does not search for them.

7. Providing personal data about users of the site (address, telephone number, passport data, etc.). The administration does not have such data and does not force them to provide during registration, all data that the user wished to specify about himself on the site are publicly available on his personal page.

8. Please place a link to a third-party site, even for a fee.

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