Cougar US

The cougar in US are many, millions of millions ... going beyond the musical quotes, in fact we have not gone very far from reality, because they are really millions: two, to be precise! This is the official data of the industry related to cougar meetings, according to which the Peninsula is absolutely the number one country for cougar dating, at least in Europe.

We're talking about numbers that are, to say the least, interesting and deserve to be studied in depth: above all because they are the mirror of a country (US, in fact) that seems to have sworn eternal love to mature red head women on the hunt for twenty-year-olds. Curious to find out everything there is to know about American cougars? Continue reading and you will know.

Cougar in US: 2 million panthers

As mentioned above, the numbers say that in US there are more than two million cougar scattered in the various regions of the boot. From the deep South to the far North, through islands and islets, our country boasts the presence of many mature women in search of boys much younger than them.

Again according to the data, in Europe there is not a single country able to compete with our flag, to the point that US stands at the top of the charts "predators" of the Old Continent. And the data that are striking and that make you understand the power of our cougars certainly do not end here.

Specifically, industry statistics tell us that in 2017 alone, active American cougars have collected an average of almost 40 dates per head (38, if we want to go looking for precision). About 76 million appointments in total, and certainly not to water and pretzels, because cougars love to spend, and how much they love to spend.

Here's another really tantalizing number: on average, it is calculated a total annual expenditure in 2017 of 180 million euros by cougars, with a further leap forward in 2018 (about 200 million euros in spending).

There is nothing to say: if there is an aspect of the tricolor economy that turns, it is precisely that of appointments organized by mature women. On the other hand, if you know who are the cougar, you also know that these are women who do not like to save, very wealthy and therefore love to spend and enjoy life.

Other interesting data about American cougars

Just above we have anticipated that in Europe few countries are able to compete with the American cougar, and the data testify to this once again. According to statistics, in fact, in the Peninsula 62% of women in their 40s are looking for a younger man.

In other countries such as Spain, which is also very active, does not go beyond 58%, while in France and the United Kingdom do not exceed respectively 53% and 40%. And 40-year-olds in Germany? Really not very active compared to Americans (no more than 37%).

It's all a social question

Being a cougar means many things We are talking about women who, in spite of their age, are still very attractive and sexy, and don't like to give up the pleasure of sex with younger guys. Yet women of this type have always existed, only now they seem to spread like wildfire.

For what reason? Because today, in spite of the usual criticism of a society as always very "prudish", there are VIPs to authorize this practice. In short, for women, going with very young men has become almost a trend.

Just think of couples such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, but also other institutional couples such as Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux and Emmanuel Macron. And not even in US is joking, with cougar now historical caliber of Lory Del Santo and (of course) the beautiful Pamela Prati.

The American cougar and the first date

Every woman knows that the first date can become the true heartbeat of a couple or a budding relationship, and it's clear that cougars are no exception to this rule either. To the point that mature women in their twenties and thirties are able to spend more than all the others during this very important outing.

More than other American women, but also more than other European cougar women.

According to industry surveys, not surprisingly, the spending in terms of clubs and restaurants is huge, and women in this category do not mind budget limits to make their first outing with their prey of the moment special.

Yet the costs faced by the cougar in US go far beyond restaurants and romantic outings. It's when they're on the prowl that they spend the most, and that's especially the case with trips.

Because mature women looking for a guy to snag love to travel, as some of the best chances are born in resorts, on cruises and so on (+20% compared to 2017).

And if you've read our article on where to find a cougar [, you already know that these women also love to be found on the web, signing up at dating sites in the industry. It is a channel that is very effective not only for them, but also for those who - like you - want to descend into this world to discover all the great opportunities that the universe cougar reserves for its patrons.

To tell the truth, besides more than one site of mature women, the web also offers other options such as dating apps for smartphones, obviously dedicated to cougars. We talk about an average of 300.000 subscribers for the most popular applications of the sector, able to be loved by everyone because they are convenient and usable at any time, even when you are in line at the post office or when you are on your lunch break.

Because it is enough to "tap" on the screen of our cell phone to start chatting with mature women and organize a fun meeting with them. In conclusion, the cougar in US are many and above all are very much appreciated by young Americans, as evidenced precisely by the numbers and data of this niche.