dating over 50

Dating sites over 50 have become, almost suddenly, a global trend. More and more people born in the '60s are turning to the web to find love, and with success, as demonstrated by the data that we will see in a moment.

Even if we are talking about a generation born light years away from computers and the Internet, in reality they are often the ones who feel at ease with the dating sites most used. So we are talking about a particularly interesting topic, which deserves a closer look, also to help you understand if this option is right for you.

Some data about dating over 50

The phenomenon of online dating conquers even the generation signed the '60s, and the industry data say so. According to some recent surveys, in Italy these dating portals are used by as many as 1.5 million singles over 50.

This is a huge number, to say the least, and perhaps a bit unexpected, considering that we are talking about a generation technologically distant.

It's amazing to think of a 50 or 60 year old trying to find love on the web using a keyboard and a browser. Yet it seems that this is the reality, and it is obviously good news. According to the data, therefore, you can find love on dating sites [link], even when you exceed 50 candles an example is this portal dedicated precisely to the OVER or this that is one of the best in England..

The interesting statistics (here an American one) do not end here certainly. And even in this case, we are talking about numbers in some ways better than those of "youth" dating. According to official studies, in fact, on the one hand 1.5 million over 50 devote themselves to online dating, on the other in 750 thousand manage to find love. In practice, 50% of those who use the web for dating in the end manages to tick, finding their soul mate.

And this refers only to the digital over 50s who - thanks to dating - have decided to get engaged or married. Because, if we talk about simple live meetings, then the percentage is close to 100%. Other sensational numbers? In the Peninsula is calculated the presence of 4.5 million of 50 years old (and more) single: in practice, a quarter of them today is dedicated to the search for love on the network.

What are the dating sites over 50

If these numbers have intrigued you, and you're almost convinced to try this strange but fantastic experience, then you should know what are the dating portals for over 50. These are websites similar to social networks such as Facebook, where a person signs up not to chat with those who already know, but to find new friends (or rather: new loves).

To fully understand the logic, we suggest you read our article on how dating sites work [link]: since there are no big "technical" differences between the various age groups, this guide will clarify many doubts. On the other hand, here it is good to clarify one aspect: even if you are 50 years old, you may look for particular sites, suitable to meet specific needs.

Types of dating portals for 50 year olds

Let's start right away with the real centerpiece of the package, which are those dating platforms designed exclusively for people who are 50 years of age or older. They are the best choice, because they only host users of this age group, so you know for sure that inside them you will find mature men and women, from 50 years old upwards.

We give you a piece of advice: always opt for these sites, avoiding the generalist ones, because in the latter it is very difficult to find such a specific target age group. You could in fact lose whole hours behind your research, and not get the proverbial spider out of the hole.

In fact we suggest you to avoid even the free dating sites [link], and for several reasons. First of all because they are as generic as the generalist ones, if not more, and then because they are not so much frequented by people of a certain age. You might get lucky and win bingo, but we assure you that this coincidence is as rare as water in the desert.

It is therefore better to pay for a site on which you have the mathematical certainty of finding your equal age, avoiding unnecessary waste of time and energy.

Obviously we recommend that you always opt for a site for singles that is serious [link], because it is assumed that you are looking for love and not just a night of sex. In that case there are adult dating sites, which are quite different from those for finding a soul mate.

Of course this does not detract from the fact that on the web you can also find other niche options, such as sites for online gay dating [link]. If this is your goal, you don't have to be afraid, because the Internet offers various options for all ages!

Choose the one that suits us?

We have already explained that, at your age, you should probably opt for a site designed to meet soulmates. So, a portal aimed at serious and lasting meetings based on a romantic relationship, and that is suitable for a target audience of your age.

We have also advised you to avoid free ones, also because of problems such as the presence of fake profiles in online dating [link]. What other information do you need, then?

First you have to understand that the portals, even those serious and for 50 years old, are not all the same. On the surface they might seem to be the same, but then - if you study them a little bit - some obvious differences emerge. First of all, the best dating portal for 50 year olds should have a simple and agile graphic design, almost spartan and 90s-style.

It's easy to navigate through menus and pages, which would otherwise be impossible if you opted for a site full of graphic frills and spatial animations (which "look cool" but certainly don't help you find a man or a woman).

Secondly, appearances are often deceptive, and you are interested in substance. Even if a dating platform respects all the canons seen above, it is always better to test it yourself. First of all, because the registration is always free, even in portals that ask for a subscription, and then because this is the only way you can verify which profiles it hosts.

In other words, the main purpose is to find a partner: as in a journey, therefore, it is important to reach the destination. If that site hosts few profiles of women, or if they seem anything but real, then you'd better abandon it.

Tips for dating over 50

On the net you will find plenty of articles that explain to users how to conquer a girl in chat [link]. Unfortunately, in 99% of cases, these tips are not suitable for an audience of your age. For this reason, we decided to close our article by offering you some short tips on how to get the most out of your experience.