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If you're wondering how gays have sex, here you'll find all the information that's right for you. Although it is often thought that the center of the homosexual relationship is only penetration, along with oral sex, in reality there is so much more.

Before approaching gay dating sites , so, you'll want to prepare yourself by reading our article in depth.

Emotions are important

It is wrongly believed that gay sex is mainly based on instinct and physical drive, thus resulting rough and devoid of feelings. In reality this is not so, since emotions play a key role in any homosexual relationship based on a relationship, which is able to go beyond mere casual sex.

Emotional connections, in these circumstances, are nothing short of crucial. Not coincidentally, a gay man is unlikely to agree to sex unless he feels at least something emotional about the other man.

Then it's clear that, as well as in the world of hetero sex, also here sometimes the urges win over everything else, and you have sex simply to satisfy your physical desires.

Between active men and passive men

Let's say that, on a "technical" level, it is quite easy to understand how gay men have sex: one of them penetrates, and the other one passively receives.

Yet it is not all so obvious, because in homosexual relationships the roles are frequently exchanged, they mix, and that is why nowadays we talk less and less about active men and passive men.

Then it is clear that each case is a story in itself, because everything depends on taste: there are those who prefer to play a passive role, because they feel more at ease, and those who like to play an active role. The advice is to prepare yourself mentally: ask yourself what you prefer, but also ask yourself if you are able to try both experiences.

Because only by experimenting can you know if you are comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Types of sex

If you're wondering how to tell if you're gay, the thought of sex between homosexuals should at least give you pleasure or curiosity. And we want to explain to you that there are actually different types of gay sex because - despite false beliefs - not all homosexuals love anal sex.

This is because there are many ways that allow you to connect with each other, and it is not at all necessary that penetration is also present. Among these we also find rubbing, which in the female is known by the term "scissoring" or "scissoring", while in the gay world is called "frottage".

Frottage can be understood as a technique similar to foreplay, except that in this case the two partners rub their private parts together. It is natural that during the frottage also caresses take place, so rubbing not necessarily sexual, because everything is mixed in the excitement of the moment.

Another practice quite common in the gay world is intercrural sex: here one partner pushes his penis between the thighs of the other, from behind, and the partner holds it tight, thus simulating penetration.

Obviously, intercrural sex takes place in both gay and straight relationships. Consequently, both frottage and intercrural can become foreplay, or serve as full intercourse, then without anal penetration.

The secret is exploration

It is impossible to determine a priori what you might like and what not, and the reason is as follows: how do you know what you like, if you do not try it first? Clearly some practices are easier to try, such as frottage, while others require more preparation and predisposition (such as passive anal sex, for example).

The important thing is to always start with an open mind to novelty and exploration, and make sure that your partner can have this desire as well. Because there must be a communion of purpose, to be able to create a harmonious situation for both and pleasant to live. The advice?

When you decide that the time has come to explore, after you have figured out where to do gay dating , do it with a partner you trust and not with a perfect stranger.

The Missionary in homosexual relationships

Well yes, men can do missionary too, just as they can do almost any "standard" sexual practice belonging to hetero relationships. You can have standing sex, you can do the cowgirl practice, and even spooning.

We're talking about moves patented by straights, but which actually fit into any situation, even gay sex of course. Of course, one thing must be said: a woman is by nature more elastic than a man, for a question of pelvis and musculature. However, with a little exercise and stretching, even a man can manage to do unthinkable things in bed.

Yes to the lubricant

It's safe to say that lubricant is a gay man's best friend, for obvious reasons. Except that nowadays spitting in one hand to lubricate the penis is something that is no longer done, except in the world of porn.

Because it honestly sucks and mostly because it has zero effectiveness. On the contrary, the lubricant allows you to get an exceptional result in terms of penetration: without it, the experience could be quite painful, so if it is the first time for you, make sure you have a packet of lube at hand.

Be aware that unless you are very trained, anal penetration without lubricant can cause very serious problems such as tearing, muscle injury and bleeding.

Feces is a reality

Those who practice anal sex know that the possibility of soiling themselves with feces is a real one. It doesn't happen often and it doesn't always happen, but it does happen, for obvious reasons. On the other hand, everyone poops, so penetrating the anus can lead to this result, and it is an obvious fact that also applies in hetero sex.

Clearly, there are ways to minimize the chances: the recipient should in fact spend a few extra minutes going to the bathroom and cleaning himself effectively. In gay sex, some men even give themselves an enema, to empty out whatever there is to empty out.

Oral sex, masturbation and more

Here there would be little to say: one of the key components of gay sex becomes oral intercourse, assuming both like it. Because the so-called "blow job", just like in the hetero world, could be liked as well as not liked.

Some men find it disgusting, as well as some women, so in this case every world is a country. To be specified that in the list of oral sexual practices there is also anilingus, that is the gesture of licking the anus of the partner. Then we find another great classic as masturbation, which can be single (only one to another) or mutual.

Measures and safety

Big is beautiful? Relatively. For a passive man, the exaggerated size of a penis can become quite a problem, because the anus is much less elastic than a vagina, and does not easily get used to penetration. Also for this reason, there are men who adopt useful techniques to learn to relax the ring of the anal sphincter, so as to facilitate the moment of penetration.

There are also those who use drugs such as muscle relaxants, but we strongly advise against them. It is clear that whatever you do, the important thing is that it is safe, and we speak also and above all of the use of a condom. As a matter of health, hygiene and cleanliness, given the problem of feces, which we have just talked about above.

Is there a man who plays the woman?

This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves: during gay sex, is there actually a man playing the role of a woman?? No, because a homosexual from a genetic point of view remains a man in all respects, even if he takes it.

Then it is clear that sexual identity matters a lot, because there are those who actually like to play the role of the woman. But, let's be clear, this is completely irrelevant to the purpose of the speech: as said just above, often the roles are interchangeable and difficult to define.

From G-spot to P-spot

Let's conclude with a very interesting info: prostate stimulation in gay sex can become important. Simply because, as happens with the G-spot, it can increase the pleasure of orgasm and make it more satisfying.

Unfortunately, men often ignore this, and do not investigate it, missing a really valuable opportunity from the point of view of enjoyment.