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The Mistress in BDSM culture they are the dominatrix women , dressed in leather or latex, which, whip in the hand and stiletto heels, impose themselves on the will of man both from a mental and sexual point of view.

In the collective imagination this female figure has a very strong seductive power, but not only: the psychological and physical domination, through submission and / or pain, are his main goals and that is why for the slave , that is the slaves, she is considered as a goddess to be worshiped.

A real relationship of subjection is therefore established, in which the Mistress is the mistress, who can make any request and all must be satisfied without protest.

As absurd as it may seem that a man voluntarily chooses to be subjugated by a woman, in BDSM it is one of the most requested practices, it is no coincidence that the web is chock full of ads for mistress , that is, aimed at the search for a master willing to be adored without any limit.

On the other hand, it is also absolutely essential to understand what kind of relationship is established between dominatrix and slave, relationship based on a series of very specific rules:

  • even if the decision-making power is entrusted exclusively to the female figure, there is negotiation on the types of sexual games to be practiced, which means that there is the most complete sharing and consensus;
  • the mistress must be an expert in this type of activity, especially if hard and demanding practices are practiced, in this case it is essential that they are not experiments, but real sessions held by a professional;
  • the limits, when they are exceeded and are no longer tolerated, are redeemed through the safe words (replaceable with a gesture or a sound), i.e. specific words which, when pronounced, interrupt any activity;
  • the dominatrix is ??responsible towards her slave, this means that she must protect his safety in any context or circumstance.

"Looking for USA mistresses": here's where to find them

" Seeking mistress "Is one of the most frequent requests in the BDSM world, indeed, it can be said that, in terms of quantity, it is more slaves than dominatrixes who populate it. But where to find them?

There are gods bdsm sites, within which you can register to find the person who perfectly matches your sexual fantasies. Mistress US is one of these: the community can register (for free) both the mistress looking for a slave, and the slave looking for a mistress, so it is the most "complete" place to start practicing BDSM.

Within the platform it is possible to chat with all users, who show themselves in a more interesting profile and who immediately catch the attention for some details in particular. You can also activate the webcam in chat, so as to make the conversation hotter.

Obviously, let's not forget that the ultimate purpose is to organize live meetings, precisely because BDSM thrives on physicality and concreteness.

Beware of mistress ad sites!

There are also specialized sites for the classics mistress ads , which, however, all have one major disadvantage: they could be written by anyone, even by a simple curious person, who is not really interested in BDSM, it is difficult to verify their identity.

THE dating sites for mistress and slave , instead, they all have the advantage of chat: having a pleasant conversation, before the live meeting, is the safest way to approach this type of sexual games, especially if you are a beginner.

In addition, another form of guarantee is established by the cost of the subscription . As scammy as it may seem to push a user to spend money on a dating site, in reality the cost ensures the reliability and seriousness of the site itself.

The subscription, in fact, allows you to support not only the management of the entire service, but above all the presence of one moderator staff , which monitors the entire community, ensuring that all those who have registered with a fake profile are excluded from it.

Each dating site, in fact, works only if its users are perfectly satisfied with every tool it offers (such as, for example, the aforementioned chat) but above all if its subscribers are able to carry out live meetings. It is therefore necessary that they are all verified profiles , for this reason the continuous moderation of the community is important. All the more so if it is a site intended for sex.

Advice on how to "conquer" a mistress

After explaining who is the mistress and where to meet her, we give some useful tips for approaching a dominatrix, whether you have been a slave for some time or want to start being one: