Dating Cougar

Cougar dating is one of the most fascinating trends in the world of dating today, especially if you consider the online and therefore the sites of the sector. There are many Italians who would like to know the women known as "cougars", and who would like to enter into a world that promises only joy and no sorrow.

It is for this reason that today we will discover an interesting insight into the universe of these women and sites with cougars, so that you can enjoy this course so delicious. And maybe you can taste it yourself, when you feel like it. Ready to start?

Identikit of a cougar

If you want to know who cougars are, you just need to deepen our article. On the other hand, you should first study this universe as a whole, staying with us and starting with a quick identikit of these girls. In short, the cougar are women whose age ranges between 35 years and 55 years years, although this is a definition a bit superficial.

In fact, there is a real rule that many use to find an exact definition of these "panther women", and it is as follows: a cougar is such if her age corresponds to half your years plus seven years. To give you a concrete example, if you are interested in a 40 year old woman and you are about 27 years old, then you can consider her a cougar for all intents and purposes.

It's obvious that, in fields like this, the rules leave time for what they are: because generally is considered as such an older woman who prefers to go with boys younger than her, mainly to have sex, but also to live in freedom and to have a few laughs.

Then there are also other characteristics that should belong to a woman of the above category. Some people consider as cougar only women who are sexually emancipated and more libertine than others. Others still think that a "cougar" should be independent from a financial point of view and basically with a high level of education.

Then there is a second rule that defines a cougar: such a woman never shows her age, because she looks younger and is very attractive.

If you're wondering why they're called that, once again we suggest you study the topic by reading our guide on what does cougar mean.

Even in this case, however, we can anticipate you some interesting information: cougars are "panthers" or "panterone", a metaphor to mean a woman with a lot of experience who goes hunting for younger and fitter prey. If on the one hand there is the cougar, therefore, on the other hand there is the toy boy (or the "boy toy").

In this regard it is also the case to add that, today, are considered as cougar also milf: not always but it happens.

How to meet a cougar

Now that you have a good or bad idea about these women, you are probably wondering: where can I meet them? The answer is very simple: all you have to do is sign up with a cougar site.

We talk about web portals that resemble real social networks, where you can find many women members belonging to this special category as in the site .

If you have already frequented the world of online dating, surely you know what we are talking about: these platforms allow you a free membership and, after paying a fee for the subscription, allow you to "hunt the hunters".

In summary, you will have the opportunity to go in search of cougar, to contact them, to chat with them and finally to date them personally. A mature women site of this type, at the moment, is undoubtedly the best channel ever to meet this kind of girls.

Things you might not know about cougars

Let's start from a premise: a cougar is a woman who does not go out with a younger guy just to chat, because sex is always the basis of this type of relationship. On the other hand, they are certainly not nymphomaniacs or prostitutes, but very normal women who want to live a relationship that goes beyond the sheets.

If you look at it from the point of view of the collective imagination, the cougar looks like a porn diva who waits at home for the young neighbor to do him, but it is - in fact - a simple erotic fantasy without foundation. Cougars are much more, which is why we're going to list a few things you might not know about them.

They want to have fun Sexy mature women want sex, sure, but they also want a guy who can make them laugh. It means that they will never be satisfied with a simple toy boy, but will go beyond the physical and age, looking for a hilarious person who knows the secrets of humor and fun.

They know how to make fun of themselves Cougar women do not live their age as an embarrassment, because they are very self-deprecating and know how to make fun of themselves. This means that they are always ready to laugh at themselves, even when someone confronts them with the fact that they are dating a much younger guy.

They are independent women Women of this type have a very high degree of experience, and we're not just talking about sex, but life in general. They have lived through a lot, and they are usually "self-made" women: therefore completely independent, with a stable job, a certified career and a certain very strong self-esteem.

While it may seem like they're going to leave you in control of the relationship, they'll actually be the ones wearing the pants.

They are incredibly faithful: you may have met the hottest and youngest cougar, but know that she will never cheat on the person next to her.

Very often these women come out of difficult relationships and it is not uncommon that they have behind marriages or engagements shattered because of the betrayal of the partner. For this reason, the cougar in 99% of cases do not cheat (and obviously do not like to be cheated on).

They are traditional but also in search of novelty Let's say that a cougar knows how to make fireworks under the sheets, without disdaining novelty and tricks.

On the other hand, these women have a very traditional view of the world and relationships: they are of a certain age, so they have grown up with different dogmas from those of today's 25-year-olds. In summary, if you're going out with a cougar, know that she'll want to have romantic dinners, and all that. But she will always be very attentive and she will know how to pay attention to you too.

Cougars love to cook A guy who ends up with a cougar is definitely in good hands. Not only from a sexual point of view, but also culinary, because these women are fantastic between the sheets as well as between the stove.

What (not) mature women are

Often men who go hunting for cougar dating get lulled too much by myths and cliches about these women. If earlier we listed a number of peculiarities that belong to them and that you may not have known, now we want to make a list of those things that you may think of them, but instead are completely false.

They are not sex professors: Italian cougars are certainly very experienced in sex, but they don't choose a younger guy to "take care of" him and teach him the most effective techniques under the sheets. Cougars have the same goal as you: to get the sexual satisfaction they are looking for, for their own personal enjoyment.

They don't hang on your every word A guy often wrongly thinks that when he manages to attract a cougar, she will inevitably end up depending on him. Maybe that someone forgets that the cougar is the hunter, and not the prey: even if she pretends to be a step below you, she will have the last word on everything, so she will always have the ball of control.

For the rest, the best way to understand exactly what a cougar is and how she behaves is to experience her first hand. It is for this reason that we advise you once again to start dating a cougar on a dating site created just for this purpose. You'll just have to start chatting with her, to realize what beauties you were missing out on.

Is she a cougar or not?

Remember one thing: the fact that a woman is sexy and 45 years old does not necessarily make her a cougar, because there are many other factors that you should consider. That's why we decided to explain you how to recognize exactly a woman who is part of this category, thus reducing the percentage of error to the bare minimum.

Always evaluate the make up A cougar is a woman who, despite her age, is still looking for prey and expects them to be young. Consequently, a cougar, even if she is 50 years old, tends to wear makeup like a 25 year old, therefore in a rather obvious way and sometimes even excessive.

The first trick to recognize a woman is to evaluate her make-up: focus on aspects such as eye shadow, powder, foundation and lipstick. Usually these are the aspects of makeup that women of this type tend to "load" more.

Learn that the dress does not make the cougar: it is important to learn how to evaluate makeup, because it is one of the few aesthetic aspects that you can take as a valid indicator. We are telling you this because in terms of clothing, cougars dress just like a normal 40 or 50 year old woman would.

Unfortunately, the collective imagination has led you to believe that these women dress wearing skirts, high heels, leopard print dresses, patent leather boots and so on: it is not true at all, since the look is always son of the sense of elegance (or lack thereof). Conversely, if you notice a 40-year-old woman in a push-up bra, then you may have hit the jackpot.

Posture, gestures and eye contact When talking to a woman who you think is a cougar, before making a fool of yourself, you should study some factors of gestural and body communication. A cougar woman always has a straight and proud posture, as she is very sure of herself, even when talking to young and attractive guys.

Secondly, she is not afraid of eye contact and therefore always looks you in the eye, without ever losing contact. She is very quick in her manner, she is never awkward, and indeed tends to hypnotize others. Finally, she is never tense or nervous: on the contrary, she is so relaxed that she transmits the same feeling to others.

How to win them over?

Here we go: you've managed to meet a cougar you met on the street, or you've snatched a first date with a mature woman you met in chatrooms. What matters is that now you have the chance to conquer her, and after all, you've already taken the first step. To avoid wasting this opportunity, we have decided to give you some useful tips to make her yours.

Always be sincere When you talk to her, never hide your intentions and always be sincere. If you're only looking for a sex story, and if the topic ends up on your plate, tell her without having fears.

The same applies if you would like to live a more serious story, therefore calling into question your feelings. We assure you that a mature woman knows perfectly well what she wants and will not be offended for sure: if your goals align, everything will be downhill, but it is good that these are clear from the beginning.

Never trust stereotypes So far we've described cougars as sexy and self-aware, strong and self-deprecating, independent and "pants-wearing" women. Now that you know it, erase it from your memory, because every woman is different from the others. What we want to tell you? That a cougar could also turn out to be a shy, jealous, maybe even insecure woman.

If you like her, don't hide it If you like that woman, do not "pull it" because you will not make a good impression. If you make this mistake, she will judge you as an immature boy, or she will not be able to understand that you are interested, so she will back off.

She won't necessarily say yes It's not certain that you will like that mature woman in the end, just as it's not certain that she will like you. If you think you've won just because you're young and handsome, know that it's not like that at all. And in case of rejection, don't take it personally and above all don't make a scene, saying things like "where can you find someone like me at your age??".

Be young and act like it You are young and with cougar women you have to behave like one, because in front of you there is a woman who is looking for someone like you. In short, you don't need to play the mature man, because with them this technique not only doesn't work, but even alienates them.

Behave like a gentleman Cougars are basically old-fashioned women, and an open door at the right moment can be worth a thousand words. It's an advantage but also a responsibility, because usually dating a cougar means being very present in her life, calling her often on the phone and showing her in a thousand different ways that you're interested.